Thursday, January 5, 2017

Sherlock Recap S4:E1

If you guys don't know what Sherlock is where have you been? Sherlock is a British Television show featuring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. It has 10 episodes and is currently on it's 4th season. The fourth season just aired Sunday January 1st on channels BBC1 and PBS. Each episode is 90 minuets long. Overall Sherlock is an amazing show and so very incredibly detailed. All of the actors and actresses do a fantastic job with this show. If you haven't watched any Sherlock go turn on Netflix now don't come back until you're all caught up. Spoilers are going to happen so if you continue reading and haven't watched the latest episode it's you're own fault. Now goodbye for now.

Hi, you're still here that must mean you have watched the latest episode. Welcome, I'm excited to discuss my feelings and thoughts of the first episode. Shall we begin? This whole episode was confusing on exactly what criminal they were hunting for. It wasn't until about the last half hour that things started to become more and more clear. Which is great because I don't end up guessing the whole show and lose interest in it.

The show kicked off with Mary having a baby and Sherlock not being himself. We later find out that John is having an affair. Mary's past is coming to haunt her. You really want John and Mary to work out then bamm. Mary jumps in front of a bullet to saver Sherlock. John comes rushing in he's furiously sad. He trusted Sherlock to protect his family. In the end he couldn't and it really wasn't his fault. You could tell Sherlock is hurt. We quickly find out that Mary has a case for Sherlock and that is to protect John. Sherlock goes to John's place and it turns out he doesn't want anything to do with him.

Wow that is one busy half an hour. I was pretty much devastated that they killed Mary I didn't think they would go that far, but they did. I'm completely devastated that John doesn't want anything to do with Sherlock. It's like have a peanut butter sandwich with jelly. They simply just go together, no questions ask. The ending of the episode left off really dark. I just know this show is going to go down a creepy path this season.

That being said I can't wait to see the next episode this Sunday. Be on the look out for the next episode recap. I promise my thoughts will be better than the hot mess above. Please please if you seen this show find me on Twitter and Instagram @chey_ouatar so we can talk about it. If you guys have other shows I should be doing episode recaps on let me know in the comments. Remember keep looking for your Once Upon A Time.

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