Friday, November 4, 2016

Blog Tour: Weregirl by C.D Belle

Title: Weregirl
Author: C. D. Bell
Pages: 400
Publisher: Chooseco
Publication Date: 11-01-2016
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Synopsis:" Nessa Kurland is running for her life. 

C. D. Bell's WEREGIRL is a fast-paced teen thriller set in Tether, Michigan, a town on the brink of shutdown since it was stripped of its resources by corporate polluter Dutch Chemical. 

High school junior, Nessa Kurland, is a cross-country runner with her eyes set on one thing: a college scholarship as her one-way ticket out of Tether. 

Talented teammate Cynthia Sinise invites Nessa on a nighttime run through Tether overgrown forest trails. But she speeds ahead, leaving Nessa alone to discover a trapped wolf. Nessa tries to free the animal but is badly bitten, seemingly ruining her hopes for a strong fall season with the cross-country team. 

Instead, Nessa freakishly quick recovery is followed by improved running times. All her senses are heightened. Nessa has transformed. She has become a werewolf. 

In her new state, Nessa learns there are things about Tether that powerful people want to keep hidden. Why does a Nobel Laureate work at the small-town medical clinic? Are top college athletic scouts really interested in her emerging talent? Can she trust Chayton, the motorcycle-riding guide her friends have faith in? Nessa must navigate her junior year and true human darkness, while making peace with her new, wild nature."

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Quarterly Goals #2

If you don't know what Quarterly Goals are basically I make a set of 10-20 goals and all I have to do is complete half of them to be consider successful. If I don't I will have my failures on the internet and there's nothing like a good cup of humiliation. 

Last Quarter Goals

1.  Gain 130 followers on Twitter.
2.  Get 20 Facebook Likes
3.  Get Netgalley ratio to 80
4.  Read at least 50 books
5. Write 20,000 words
6. Get 100 Bloglovin followers
7. Get 10 Blogger Followers.
8. Get all As in the first 9 weeks of school
9. Become a month ahead in blogging
10. Get in a good schedule
11. Start a idea journal
12. Get 500 views a month

I did complete two and a half goals. I got 500 views for two months, but not the third month so therefore it was half completed. I did get 130 twitter followers. I actually have 139 twitter followers which is great. I started an idea journal. If I really want to give myself more credit I could say the first two weeks of school where I had a good schedule, but that would be stretching it. That was obviously a fail. I failed and I can do better. Again my productivity levels haven't been the best, but I do see where I can improve to become better. 

This Quarters Goals

  1. Participate in NaNoWriMo
  2. Finish 3 classes
  3. Stay Consistent in Blogging 
  4. Read 25 Books 
  5. Get 500 views everymonth
  6. 145 Twitter Followers
  7. Redesign Blog
  8. Get All As and Bs in the 2nd 9 weeks
  9. Write 50,000 words
  10. Get Netgally to 80% 
  11. Finish all College Things 
I actually have 12 goals, but one of them is more personal and I don't really want to speak out on it anytime soon. This is a good amount of goals to complete and doesn't seem too hard. Do you do quarterly goals? How did you do last quarter and what are you doing this quarter? Remember keep looking for your Once Upon A Time. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

In My Once Upon A Time A Review #4

Happy November everyone!!! It's that time of month where I give you a recap about my blog and my life in general. I'm so excited to be posting again because blogging is just something that's so much fun to do. October wasn't that busy and I could see where I could have used my time better, but I have been reading a lot more. I'm not reading as much as I know I can, but starting off small then working myself up is my plan. Next month I hope to boost my productivity up dramatically, here's to a great November.

Be on the Look Out For

In the coming months I have a lot planned for my blog and my life. I'm going to be redesigning my blog for the new year. I have an idea that I want to kick off during the new year, but I need another blogger who would be willingly to do it with me. There's also going to be tons more reviews on books, movies, and t.v shows. One of my favorite posts to do are discussion posts and I have ideas in the bucket for that. Not to mention more writing tip posts throughout the month of November.

Shows I Have Been Watching

I haven't been watching a lot of tv, but I have been watching some. I'm also going to mention shows I want to catch up on before the end of the year. Three of the fall shows I have been watching religiously This is Us, Timeless, and The Good Place other than that I haven't seen that much tv. However, there's some shows that I definitely want to watch before the end of the year like Grey's Anatomy, AHS, Supernatural, Orange is the New Black, Conviction, Orphan Black, and How To Get Away With Murder. 

I deeply apologize for not being on a lot. I hope that people are still reading my blog and are interested in what I post. I hope everyone is going to have a great month of November and the rest of the year. Remember to keep looking for your Once Upon A Time.