Monday, September 19, 2016

Where Have I Been!!!!!!!!

Exactly on August 15th I took a social media break I had a few thing schedule, and I did went on Twitter once three days later. That break turned into a month long hiatus from anything social media related. I couldn't really handle anything the things going on in my life at the time. I did what was best for me last month. I'm so so sorry about it, though I doubt anyone missed my blog content. However, I did miss writing blog posts and reviewing things, so I guess that is all that matters.

Originally I was going to start posting regularly at the beginning of September. School started which was consuming most of time. On top of that I have physically therapy appointments three times a week for an hour because of my badly sprained ankle. I think I posted something about that on Twitter last month. Me being busy would be a big understatement and posting every single day isn't feasible at the moment. I am currently at the point where I have found a schedule that works for me and all I need to do is add blogging and writing in it.

Therefore I came up with a doable posting schedule and that is posting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. There may be a few extra posts here and there, but this is what is going to be happening for at least a month. Then that number might change to 4 times a week. For Instagram I'm going to try to post twice a week at the least.I hope everyone is having a fantastic school year. Do you guys change up your schedules for school? Remember keep looking for your Once Upon A Time.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Blog Tour:Red The Untold Story by Angela M Hudson

Title: Red The Untold Story
Author: Angela M Hudson
Publication Date: July 25 2016
Page : 349
Buy Links: Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU | B&N
Synopsis: "An eccentric tale of tragic loss and renewed hope.
Do not go gentle into the wolf's asylum...
Once every twenty years, pack alpha Luther takes a new wife. On the day of Selection, Red is chosen. Just as her family always planned. Just as she always planned. Until she met Alex Plain. 
Alex took Red to worlds she never imagined, where the ordinary is seen as magical, and the upright is abstract. With the help of this new friendship, Red begins to see a future for herself outside of the pack. But, unfortunately, Alex Plain came along too late. 
Red is obligated to marry Luther now, and taken to live in the mysterious Ravenswood Mansion, where truth lies and the walls have eyes. What Red learns there about her alpha will ignite some burning questions--ones that, when answered, could undo the entire order of the pack: What happened to all the children born there? Why hasn't this mansion left the last century behind? And where are all his previous wives?"