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If you don't already know it my name is Cheyenne and I run this blog. On this particular page you can find my contact information, review policy, and disclaimers.

Contact Information

There's various ways you can contact a person now a days and here on the ways you can reach me. Remember, feel free to comment below because I will make sure I will reply.

Twitter: @OnceUpo15467743
Facebook Page:

Review Policy
***I'm currently not accepting review copies at the moment because I have to catch up on the ones I have. I will let you know when I'm accepting again. ***

Types of Books:
  • Middle Grade
  • Young Adult
  • New Adult
Types of Genres:
  • Fantasy
  • Romance
  • Dystopian
  • Paranormal
  • Contemporary
Types of Forms:
  • ARCs
  • e-ARCs
  • Finished Copies
  •  Audio Books
I would love if you emailed be your request, but I will contact you back in any form. If you are asking me to review a series and I have not read the pervious book, I will ask you to provide me them. If you want me to review an audio book, I do request to have a copy of it to follow along. I will review the audio base on narration and writing style. Another important thing to note is I will love to read indie books too. When you email me, please include the title of the book and the what it is about. I will try read the book as fast as possible. I plan all my posts ahead so I will let you know what day the post will go live.


All books are purchased unless stated other wise. Review copies/ ARCs are provided for in exchange of a honest review. I will give an honest review all the time. All reviews are my own opinion, which means that it will differ from yours.
All covers and summaries come from Goodreads. I will give the all of the information to the particular addition that I have read.

I do not claim rights to any photos, unless stated other wise. If it is a popular meme or tag I will use the photo to go along with it. I'm starting to get into making my own images and I can't wait to debut them.

Discussion posts will express my side of things. I would love if you can respect that and be respectful in the comments. We are all civil people here.

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